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Welcoming Our Newest Consultants: Ben and Nick!

At Treework, we care deeply about fostering a supportive and rewarding work environment for our team. That commitment extends far beyond the first day, but that is where it beginsโ€ฆ

This week, we were thrilled to welcome Benjamin Watkins and Nick Bell to the exciting world of arboriculture at Treework.

Onboarding new team members always requires a great deal of care and planning. There are induction and training schedules to create, external courses to book, ensuring our remote workspaces are comfortable and equipped, and let’s not forget our โ€˜work-anywhereโ€™ kit.ย  All of this meticulous preparation goes towards fulfilling our core principle: setting everyone up for success.

Being a fully remote team doesn’t stop us from coming together for special occasions. For Ben and Nick’s first day, we gathered at Fora Reading, a fantastic co-working space, for introductions and team bonding. We then enjoyed a celebratory lunch at The Botanist, where colleagues from across the UK had the opportunity to meet our newest team members.

A huge thank you to everyone in Team Treework who tirelessly prepared for Ben and Nick’s arrival. Your dedication ensures a smooth transition and sets them up for a flourishing career in arboriculture.ย 

And of course, a very warm welcome to Ben and Nick! We’re excited to be a part of your journey and look forward to your contributions to our team.


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